Welcome to Alruba Rubber, Established since 1900.

Alruba Rubber is one of the oldest recycling companies in the world of rubber recycling. Alruba have managed to stay competitive over the last few decades in various markets throughout the world. At this current time the main manufacturing factory is based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Our head office is also at this location and it is from here that we service all five continents of the world. In the last twelve months we have supplied customers in over 75 different countries around the world. In the earlydays of Alruba we were involved in solid rubber wheel production. However in the mid 1960's David Johnson changed the direction of the company investing heavily in recycling machinery taking Alruba to the forefront in rubber raw material supply. Over the last thirty years Alruba has continued this investment and has been able to stay as one of the world leaders in the field.

Alruba Rubber



The All Rubber Wheel Company (Alruba) delveloped a special formulation which they used in the composition moulding process and for many years Alruba was one of the leading manufacturersof solid rubber wheels, rollers, discs and profiles. These beginnings gave Alruba a solid background which enabled the company to provide an excellent service backed up by technical expertise, to a very wide rande of industry.


Here are some of what Alruba have to offer you:

  • Equestrian Surfaces - Rubber and Wax
  • Rubber Matting
  • Kick Boards for stables
  • Children's play area rubber
  • Sports track rubber
  • Play area safety tiles
  • Shock pads and artificial tracks
  • Golf walk way rubbers
  • Taylor made pool decks
  • Alruba offer a recycling service for the rubber