The equestrian market has been growing for the last thirty years and Alruba has developed special grades of rubber for the use in this industry. We have special grades for use in gallops and dressage arena's. Our equestrian products have benefited from the expertise and quality procedures Alruba's laboratory has had to in force in order to supply the industrial world. We concentrate on supplying metal and fibre free grades that are of the highest quality for the equestrian world. Please see the sample pictured below. Prices may vary depending on quantity and delivery. Please contact our office for a sample and quotation.

Alruba Rubber Surfaces
Sand Infills
Sand Surfaces

Rubber Stable Mats

Alruba Rubber Mats Alruba Rubber Stable Mats Alruba Rubber Stable Mats

Rubber Matting sizes

2m x 1.2m (17mm deep)

2m x 1m (10mm deep)


Thin Rubber Sheets Black Ring Mats