Sports and Leisure

The sports and leisure market is still relatively new in terms of rubber usage, but despite this it is one of the growth marketplaces in the UK and the world at this current time. Although Alruba has only been supplying this market for the last twenty years we have always been involved in the development in many new projects from day one. We are heavily involved in the children's play industry for safety surfacing. Our products have been used in many of the best safety surfaces in Europe, America, Australia and of course the United Kingdom. Alruba Rubber is also an integral supplier of this sports stadia world ranging from running tracks to hockey and soccer pitches. It is not only the major projects that Alruba has supplied we have got hundreds of smaller projects on the go everyday of the week.

Children Play Area Rubber Children Play Area Rubbers


Also Alruba sell Golf Mats for the keen Golfer to Practice on. They come in three different types of mats seen below.

Golf Mat
Green Golf Mats
Grass Golf Mat